"C" is for Cyan Poster

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Designed by Ben Lueders

Ben Lueders, founder of Fruitful Design, started drawing as soon as he could hold a colored pencil. (And he really hasn't stopped to take too many breaks since.) Ben's contribution to the Fruitful Goods CMYK poster series, "C is for Cyan", features one of his many illustration styles. Each person, place, or thing represented in this poster starts with the letter "C" – hearkening back to an old alphabet book style of illustration. We think this poster would look great in your design studio ... OR in your kid's bedroom. Especially if your kid's name is something like Charlie or Charlotte...

  • Printed: Regal Printing Company
  • Press: 40" Komori 5 color Offset Press
  • Paper: 65# Cougar Opaque Smooth Cover
  • Ink: Rich Black + 100% Cyan
  • Dimensions: 24"x32"
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