Bohemian Blackletter Poster

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Design by Erin Pille

Erin Pille, designer at Fruitful Design in Omaha Nebraska, cranks out websites, logos, and print media all day. But what she's really known for is her beautiful, elegant hand-lettering talent. "Bohemian Blackletter" definitely showcases the best of Erin's work. An ornate blackletter "M" (for Magenta) is surrounded by a sea of monoline rose illustrations – creating the perfect gift for all of the Marys, Mabels and...Maleficents in your life.

  • Printed: Regal Printing Company
  • Press: 40" Komori 5 color Offset Press
  • Paper: 65# Cougar Opaque Smooth Cover
  • Ink: Rich Black + 100% Magenta
  • Dimensions: 24"x32"
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